DDP SERVICES (Delivery Duty Paid Services)

DDP SERVICES (Delivery Duty Paid Services)

Delivery duty services refer to a type of service that is commonly used in international shipping. When goods are shipped from one country to another, there are often import taxes, duties, and fees that must be paid to the destination country’s customs agency. These fees are usually paid by the recipient of the goods, and can sometimes be quite substantial, depending on the value of the items being shipped and the tax laws of the destination country.

Delivery duty services are offered by shipping companies to help simplify the process of importing goods into a foreign country. With these services, the shipping company takes care of paying any import duties or taxes on behalf of the recipient. This means that the recipient doesn’t have to worry about navigating the often complicated customs process or paying unexpected fees when the goods arrive.

When using delivery duty services, the shipping company will typically provide an estimate of the duties and taxes that will need to be paid, which can be included in the shipping cost. This can help the recipient to better plan for the overall cost of importing the goods and avoid any surprises.

Overall, delivery duty services can help make international shipping more convenient and less stressful for both the shipper and the recipient, by simplifying the customs process and providing a more predictable cost structure.

Who pays custom in Delivery Duty Services?

In Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping terms, the seller is responsible for paying all customs duties, taxes, and other charges incurred in the process of getting the goods to the buyer’s destination. This means that the seller bears the risk and cost of all import formalities, including the payment of duties and taxes.

DDP is a type of international trade agreement where the seller takes on the responsibility of the entire shipping process, from packing and loading the goods onto the shipping vessel to delivering them to the buyer’s specified destination. The seller is responsible for all costs associated with getting the goods to the buyer’s location, including transportation, insurance, and any necessary permits or licenses.

By using DDP terms, the buyer can avoid the risk of unexpected costs or delays associated with customs duties and taxes, as the seller has already taken care of these issues. However, the buyer should be aware that the seller’s pricing may reflect the additional cost of paying duties and taxes, which could make the goods more expensive than other shipping terms.

Benefits of  Delivery Duty Paid Services

DDP, or Delivered Duty Paid, is a shipping term used in international trade that refers to a shipping agreement where the seller assumes all responsibility and costs associated with the delivery of goods to the buyer’s location, including customs clearance, import duties, taxes, and other charges.

The benefits of DDP service for the buyer include:

  1. Reduced risk and uncertainty: With the DDP service, the buyer has full visibility and control over the shipment from the time of dispatch until it reaches its destination, without having to worry about additional costs or delays associated with customs clearance or other regulations.
  2. Cost savings: Since the seller assumes all responsibility for customs clearance and import duties, the buyer can avoid unexpected charges or delays and can budget more accurately for the total cost of the goods.
  3. Convenience: DDP service eliminates the need for the buyer to handle customs clearance or other logistics, making the entire process more streamlined and hassle-free.
  4. Competitive advantage: For businesses that rely on international trade, offering DDP service to their customers can help to improve their competitive advantage by providing a more reliable and cost-effective shipping solution.
  5. Compliance with local regulations: With DDP service, the seller assumes responsibility for complying with all local regulations, including customs clearance and import duties, ensuring that the buyer receives the goods in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Overall, DDP service provides a reliable and convenient shipping solution for international buyers, offering cost savings, reduced risk, and improved compliance with local regulations.

Why Delivery Duty Paid is used?

1.To protect the buyer

DDP shipments help the buyers not get swindled. Since the seller’s responsibilities assume all the risk and cost of shipping products, it’s in their best interest to make sure customers actually receive what they ordered. The time and cost associated with DDP shipping are too big of a burden for scammers to even consider using it. 

2. To ensure safe delivery to the place of destination for international trade

So much can go wrong when exporters ship packages halfway around the world. Every country has its own laws regarding transport, import duties, and shipping fees. DDP makes the seller become diligent on only sending packages on the best and safest routes. 

3. To ensure safe delivery by sea or air freight

Depending on the type of product and where it’s sold, safe delivery by air or sea can be difficult. DDP is essentially a shipping agreement that ensures sellers don’t take the money and run.

4. To hold sellers responsible for international fees

If a buyer has to pay customs fees, there’s a chance the sale won’t happen because they don’t know the cost of these fees. With sellers and shippers paying international fees, DDP allows

for a smoother purchasing experience because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about paying the fees.

What Is the Difference Between DDP and DDU?

Delivered duty paid (DDP) means it’s the shipper’s responsibility to pay any of the customs charges, duties, and/or taxes required to send the product to the destination country.

On the other hand, In the world of shipping, delivered duty unpaid (DDU) simply means that it’s the customer’s responsibility to pay for any of the destination country’s customs charges, duties, or taxes. These must all be paid in order for customs to release the shipment after it arrives.


DDP remains one of the most popular shipping options for international businesses because of its popularity with buyers. They assume less risk for the products until they’re delivered, so it’s in their best interest. However, the costs associated with DDP for sellers can make it unprofitable if there are too many issues.

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