Door-to-port service is an efficient and effective way to ship products internationally. The process begins when the products are picked up from your home. You are then responsible for completing the foreign customs formalities and arranging the delivery of the products to their final destination.

Shipping overseas may be a daunting task, but fortunately, freight forwarders provide a variety of services and transportation options to meet the needs and preferences of different importers and exporters. This is when words like “door-to-door,” “door-to-port,” “port-to-port,” and “port-to-door” come into play.

The Various Movement Types

Door-to-Door Delivery

In a door-to-door shipment, the freight forwarder is responsible for the majority of the transportation procedure, leaving the importer and exporter with little obligation. The freight forwarder collects the products from the seller’s or exporter’s door or premises and delivers them to the buyer’s or importer’s door or premises.

To use this movement option, the freight forwarder must utilize multiple forms of transportation, typically including trucks and vessels. As a result, it is a more direct and comprehensive option, but it can be more expensive than other movement types. However, the benefit is clear as it provides convenience for the businessperson and relieves them of the responsibility of arranging their own transport services.

What is the definition of a door-to-port move and how does it work?

We’ll handle everything from picking up your belongings at your home to transporting them to the target port in a door-to-port transfer. Once you have placed your reservation and specified the date for delivery, we will pick up your items from your doorstep.

We will dismantle any furniture that you think is required.**

We’ll pack your goods as securely as possible to ensure their safety at sea**.

We’ll deliver your belongings to the port and take care of the necessary paperwork and documentation for customs clearance.

From the point of origin to the point of destination, we’ll handle the ocean transit.

We or one of our agents will handle the documentation required at local customs when your package arrives at the destination port.

We’ll carry your belongings to your new residence, and voila, your relocation is complete.

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